Reliance Electric Variable Speed Drives: How to Set Local or Remote Control

If you’ve had a long career in manufacturing, chances are good you’ve worked with a Reliance component at some point during that time. Reliance Electric has been producing variable speed motors since the early 1900s. Since then they’ve expanded product lines, consolidated and merged with other companies while sometimes selling off some product lines. This explains why Reliance parts can now sometimes be found listed under other company names like Baldor-Reliance or Asea Brown Boveri.

To make all of this name changing more confusing, Reliance was--for a short period of time--a subsidiary of Exxon Corporation. This happened in 1979. But Reliance returned to private ownership in 1986 and began publicly trading stock again in 1992. Then the company was bought through a hostile takeover through stock purchase by Rockwell Automation in 1994. In 1998, Rockwell chose to move Reliance’s headquarters from Cleveland to Greenville, South Carolina where it became part of Rockwell Automation’s larger global company.

Many of Reliance Electric’s components are now in legacy status and cannot be purchased directly from the OEM, regardless of name. Luckily that’s where our company comes in. We have a number of Reliance Electric Motors in stock and available for shipment.

If you need a Reliance AC VS drive, please talk to our staff about that option, too. Reliance Electric offers a number of different AC VS drives, including the company’s GP-1200 series, the GP-2000 series, the GV3000 series, and the SP500 series. Each of these drives has specific advantages. Many can be used with remote or local control. But sometimes it’s difficult to know how to change your drive from one state to the other. Here are some tips for some of Reliance’s more popular series.


How to Change a Reliance Electric SP500 Drive from Local to Remote Control

Parameter settings can be found in the SP500 AC Drive Installation and Operation Manual. When the drive is set to parameter range 0, which is the default setting, it will be under local control from the keypad. Change the parameter range to 1 if you want control signals from the terminal strip and speed reference from the analog input. Change the parameter range to 2 if you want control signals from the terminal strip and speed reference from the keypad. Change the parameter settings to 3 if you want control signals from the terminal strip with multi-speed presets from the terminal strip.


How to Change a Reliance GV3000 Drive from Local to Remote Control

The GV3000 is designed to default to the local keypad/display to control the drive. Drive control is determined by the value in P.000 unless P.000 =rE. In this case, the REM/LOC input can be used to toggle the control source between the keypad and the terminal strip. This parameter range can be changed to LOCL for local keypad display, rE for terminal strip remote inputs, OP for option port, or SErL for Serial port control.

How to Change a Reliance GP-2000 Drive from Local to Remote Control

The GP-2000 drive has the capability to offer remote control, but only with additional option kits installed within the unit. This Remote Meter Interface kit will provide the drive the capability to drive a remote digital display with fault indication, volts, amps, and frequency. It cannot be used in conjunction with a Rail Interface Card. The remote operator station offers speed control and selector switches for forward, reverse, run, jog, stop, auto, and manual. However, this operator station does not allow for programming. Programming must still be done locally. Additional information can be found in the GP2000 manual.

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