Warranty- At Automation Industrial, we provide a complimentary 1-year warranty on all items upon purchase. This includes but is not limited to PCBs, Relays, Drives, PLCs, and HMIs. All warranties are issued by Automation Industrial, not the manufacturer, and will only be honored by Automation Industrial. Automation Industrial reserves the right to honor the warranty by providing a repair service, identical replacement, or refund. We hope that this warranty will provide you with the peace of mind and confidence needed for the automation used in your critical applications.

Returns - Within the 1-year warranty period, if your purchased item is defective through normal use and wear Automation Industrial will take the appropriate course of action in order to provide your business with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Automation Industrial reserves the right to decide between a refund, repair, or replacement with an identical product. Unfortunately, we will not accept returns on items ordered mistakenly.