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Automax PLC

Automax PLC

The Reliance AutoMax PLC Line provides a Distributed Control System (DCS). The AutoMax processor provides the capability to run a ladder logic program as well as BASIC and control block programs. Originally AutoMate, the product line was reclassified as part of the DCS 5000 System and eventually changed to AutoMax. The AutoMax DCS family was discontinued by Rockwell Automation (known for Allen Bradley) in 2005 but continues to be available due to the large inventory we have built up over the years.

Shark XL

The Reliance Electric Shark XL Series consists of several options for your automation needs: processor modules, power supplies, CPU modules, racks, and I/O modules. Many are in stock and can ship today. Call today to order!

GV3000 Drives

The GV3000 Drive line was discontinued by Rockwell Automation as of 2009. These multi-purpose drives satisfy almost all stand-alone and variable speed motor needs.The GV3000 drives provide general regulation for a large range of applications that require adjustable speed control of the motors. They come in three distinct styles as pictured above. All styles are chassis style drives that are designed to be installed inside a cabinet.